HELLO BBS lovers! Right now we will present you some of the customers who give their feedback wearing our items! And they seem to be very happy with it!  

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wearing Pashmina DHIA Light Blue 
'dah dpt dh ptg td..:) trus snap :)'- Fatimah Razali

wearing Pashmina Checkerz

'Already got it dear...tq...so nice :)' - Nadia

wearing Pashmina Stripeypaisley Green 

'Get it TODAY! TQ.....kain sungguh sejuk bila pkai.ringan.senng nk bentuk even x iron...ssuai untuk beginner hijab like me.warna sungguh nice.kena ngn wajah saya yg xbrapa nk cerah ni.hehehe..ssuai bwak travel.klu terdesak ley trus belit2 je...nice..keep the good work' - Nadia

wearing Pashmina Oppostripey - Nazreen Nazwani

wearing Pashmina Leopard - Hanim Nordin

wearing Pashmina COACH - Ain Sazali

wearing Pashmina Maya
'Wearing pashmina maya. Very easy to wear and love the colour. Thanks bimboo shoppe (: '
- Ezureen Nazri

wearing Pashmina StripeyPaisley Gold
'thanks jugak kak hanim , shawl yang kak hanim suggest kan ni mmg snang nak buat bentuk tajam.. huhu suka2 ! kak hanim promote la kasi org beli sbb shawl ni sb mmg snang nk pkai..slalu ain nak wat curve susah , yg ni snang plak (btw , ain trus pkai tak iron pun .hahahaha' - Ain Ruzlan

Wearing Kira Grey Contact Lens; 
stakat ney puas aty laa dgn lens uh. sbb yg i tgk2, takat ney lens ney plg murah and not bad. pling suke effect dye larrh. bigger eyes. haha. seriously smpai ad one night uh my friend ingt i mnum inner shine uh bcoz of the lighting.(bigger and nmpk bersinar)haha. hopefully ley tros jd suppliers lens i larrh. haha. then, this is my photo wearing kira grey lens - Wan Amirah

Wearing Syria Cotton Peach;
I had received two pairs of syria last few days, and all I can say, I LOOOOOOVE it! Thanks a lot BBS ! These two syrias just nice with me, and well, i do not even regret of purchasing them! And of course any item purchasing from BBS will never let me down, seriously!' - Ezzah Sobli


Wearing Pashmina COACH - Efy Dorayaki

Wearing Pashmina Wide Tiger Grey - RAIHAN

Wearing Pashmina LEO Dottie Brown - Norasilah Najiah

Wearing Pashmina Wallace - Norasilah Najiah

Wearing Chiffon Leopard Black Grey - Fadzleen Alwi

Wearing Chiffon Leopard Rainbow - Ita

Wearing BBS Satin Exclusive Dark Olive Green Pink - Ita

Wearing Pashmina Wide Sunflower Pink - Tasnim Sofian

Ct Wanju
Hasmida Zainy

Shereen from Singapore

Illa Sabry

Saya Bucuk

Nazreen Nazwani

Happy Shopping Lovelies :)